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Ronalds East Africa ensures competitive improvement for its clients in the ever-evolving business landscape by being part of their journey of professional development, technical training, and thought leadership with industry-specific resources.

Under this banner we serve the following sectors;


While constant changes and developments in the modern business realm mean great opportunity for manufacturers, they also come with great risks. We help manufacturers in Kenya and abroad respond to the evolving business environment and seize opportunities that come with it. Our team are committed to offering solutions that produce measurable change that drive businesses to the next level. Ronalds LLP provides real solutions to real issues in audit, tax and advisory.

Oil and Gas

Businesses in the oil and gas sector require a disciplined approach to operate in an industry characterized by life-changing opportunities and complex challenges. Our professionals in the oil and gas sector work with clients to address emerging issues in the industry such as the demand for decarbonization, digital innovation, and geopolitical and market volatility. Our solutions focus on maximizing business potential while addressing sustainability.

Consumer and Retail

Our innovations in the consumer and retail sector are crafted to promote customer-centricity through supply chain management, cyber security, and digital transformation. Our teams provide global industry insights that enable our clients to improve profitability and finance their growth. We bring innovative solutions to address existing and upcoming challenges in the industry.


Kenya is characterized by its propensity for the promotion of local and foreign tourism. We work with top industry players to ensure they meet the current demand and strategically position their businesses for the future. We also work with our clients to address challenges facing the Kenyan market such as the issuance of travel advisories and increasing competition from alternative tourist destinations.

Real Estate

Driving the growth of your business is a top priority for our teams. We work with companies in the real estate sector to provide informed perspectives and measurable solutions that have been tested and proven. Our real estate team consists of professionals experienced in fine-tuning business models to maximize growth.

Health Care Institutions

We work with clients in the health care sector to promote SDG 3 to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Our health care team has professionals skilled in implementing innovation in cost optimization, health IT, and organizational development. We equip our clients with the resources needed to respond to modern health care complexities.

Professional Firms

We provide informed advice and support to a wide range of professional service issues including risk related business issues. We equip our clients with answers to the increasing regulatory pressure with reference to real-life experiences. Working with us means working with a team of experienced professionals with a proven record of accomplishment of finding practical solutions.

Agricultural Institutions

We provide specialist advice to our client’s business growth and overall economic performance since agriculture forms the backbone of Kenya’s economy. Our team works hand in hand with agricultural institutions to come up with innovative solutions that impact the sector from the field to processing. Our solutions address the unique challenges faced by agricultural institutions such as the need for increased production while ensuring sustainability.