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Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

As financial institutions continue to embrace technology to meet regulatory requirements and cut costs, the focus remains on workforce reshaping and customer-centricity. Our services usher our clients into a sustainable future.

Saccos and Corporative Societies

Our extensive experience in the sector leads to the seamless provision of practical solutions to our clients. We understand what it takes to deliver for Saccos and Corporative societies. We employ technology to deliver sustainable value that is insight-driven.

Pension Schemes

Our experts in this sector focus on emerging trends shaping the industry to prepare our clients for the future. As the financial sector in Kenya goes through significant transformation, we work with our clients to develop and sustain the retirement benefits sector.

Insurance Brokerage Firms and Agencies

We combine our skills in technology, audit, tax, and advisory to offer strategic insights to guide our clients to success. We are continuously evolving to help our clients address unique challenges that revolve around cost, regulation, and disruption.

Banks and Microfinance institutions

Ronalds LLP works with a diverse team to provide measurable solutions to clients in the banking and microfinance sector. We understand it takes collaboration to understand our clients, which is key to delivering the best outcomes.

Investment Companies

The diversity of this sector calls for robust business strategies that will stand the test of time. Our audit, tax, and advisory services are tailored to address current and upcoming challenges in the sector.