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Non Profit Organization

Non for Profit Organization

Not for Profit Institutions

Working with Ronalds LLP gives you access to Not-for-Profit professionals experienced in offering solutions to NGOs, religious institutions, donor-funded projects, and charitable institutions among other sectors.  We provide real solutions to real issues in audit, tax, and advisory.

Charitable Institutions

We are committed to impacting positive change in charitable institutions in Kenya and beyond. We provide special purpose and statutory purpose audit services for charitable institutions helping them understand their position. We guide our clients to identify the right processes and stay compliant.

Local NGOs

We understand that Local NGOs face the challenge of demand for greater accountability from government and private contributions. Our teams are experienced in providing personalized audit, tax, and advisory services and a commitment to hands-on involvement.

International NGOs

With our membership of Allinial Global, the second largest Association in the world operating in over 99 countries we ensure client service by exchanging expertise, resources, and experience with other member firms. We deliver technical skills that serve industry-specific needs.

Membership Clubs

Whether your goal is growth or sustainability, our membership clubs experts will help you craft a business model that supports your ability to thrive. Our team is heavily involved in the industry helping our clients connect to peers and implement industry best practices.

Religious Institutions

With intimate knowledge of what matters to religious institutions, we are ready to help you face current challenges while preparing for the future. We understand the importance of your mission and work to direct your financial and operational structure in tandem with your values.

Donor Funded Projects

We understand the role donor-funded projects play in complementing government development initiatives in Kenya and Africa at large. We work with our clients to ensure the projects run within the set budget and organize their structures even with short timelines such as in emergency cases. Our teams will help you overcome specific challenges faced at every stage to ensure you meet your objectives and deliverables.

Mission Hospitals

We focus our efforts on managing our client’s resources effectively to further their mission and legacy. Our approaches allow us to implement the best industry practices while providing personalized evaluations based on our rich experience.

Mission Schools, Universities, and Colleges

We serve mission schools, universities, and colleges with their culture and tradition in mind. Our experience in the operation of the sector enables us to tailor our services with sensitivity and practicality. We provide meaningful support to our clients while addressing their needs in audit, tax, and advisory.