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Why Ronalds

Why Ronalds

Tech Based Culture

We leverage on technology to ensure that we achieve the objectives of the assignment in the most precise, cost effective and efficient way. In the undertaking of this assignment, we propose to use numerous tools as indicated above, which has rich planning tools, analytical support programs and ensures collaboration between the engagement team, the client and the quality reviewers.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

We bring together people with different backgrounds and experience in different economic segments, which allows us to aggregate a complete set of skills and solutions to business problems. In this way, we can help organizations in a more complete and seamless way, either in the critical analysis of processes, or with accounting, corporate finance, IT or direct and indirect tax related subjects.

Agile & Responsive Firm

Our culture is holocracy which is a modern, effective management style that breeds agility and responsiveness to ensure that tasks are undertaken with the highest priority. Our scrum approach to execution ensures that teams work with utmost enthusiasm.

Quality Culture

This is achieved by designating a more experienced Partner to provide Quality Assurance and review to ensure that we exceed your quality expectations. Our team of diverse, International with Long service experience Board Members provide interventions to ensure each engagement is executed to the highest standards.